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Learn To Fly 2

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Learn To Fly 2 game is very popular series of Learn To Fly games. This game is very easy to play and the main aim is to get a penguin highest possible height in the sky. The higher you fly the penguin and the longer duration of flight will earn you more online dollars. The game has simple controls that entails right, left, up and down buttons. Moreover, the space bar is used to boost the penguin. Learn To Fly 2 offer three story modes unlike the predecessors, which offer single story mode. This means that the players will have much longer play time as compared to the predecessors. The game offers three modes: story, classic and arcade modes. Basically, the story mode entails a normal game that has various obstacles with new elements that was not present in the previous game. On the other hand, classic game mode is similar to that offered in the first game with no gimmicks and obstacles. This mode is rather simple as it requires the player to get a penguin to higher height as much as possible. The arcade mode entails three different budgets and the player needs to achieve highest scores on each of them. Learn To Fly 2 is a very addictive game and will cause the players to play more and more till they unlock something or beat a previous score. In this game, there are many things to unlock and this makes the players devote most of their time to ensure game takes long to complete. Like other counterparts in the market, this game works on unlock basis that require you to complete a level before proceeding to the next. In this case the players start with the story mode, classic and finally arcade mode. The three-level modes make the game a thrilling experience. In conclusion, Learn To Fly 2 is the most exciting game that provides players with amazing gaming experience. If you have never played this this game, then this is the best time you try it.

At last, the long-awaited continuation of small Bob superhero adventures has come to world- Learn To Fly 2. Just as Bob the burglar decided to have a rest from his previous deeds, a new job appeared. City needs him again. New adventures are awaiting you: angry dogs, smart security and cameras everywhere. By the way, ZOMBIES too!!! Help Bob save the city from Evil Corporation. This time Bob will have to trick the head criminal of the city and fight the whole army of gangs, while getting required information, robbing banks, freeing hostages and so on. Hones robber Bob fights mafia and corruption. In this part you will meet new characters-zombies, new types of locks and new places of door codes safes. The number of levels has increased, as well and the difficulty level and differences of tasks.Robbery Bob- is a robber, burglar, not very lucky, slowly but surely doing his job- robs houses, flats and offices. Takes everything that can be stolen-money, gold, jewelry, souvenirs, technics and even TV remotes! Really brave man, as he even steals at a daytime. The only thing he needs to worry about to be caught by anybody, whether it`s dog, security or angry house owner. That`s why he needs to do his best- wait somewhere, hide somehow, and sometime run as quickly as he can (yes the game has such choice).The game also attract with its amazing graphics and unbelievably interesting gameplay. So, Bob need s your help. Even though he tries avoid any helpers in such a sensitive business like robbery, events in game show that this is an exclusive case and you are the person he can rely in difficult situations. The case is that our future business partner has decided to earn pretty much money and has found ideal place for that. The only problem is police department which is located just right he next corner, which means that our hero has absolutely no right for mistakes-even small wrong action can lead to jail, and there will be no time left to escape form pursuit. But if you get into business, Bob can be calm, since only your wisdom of you tactics and strategy can find excellent opportunities even in moments when they seem no to exist at all!Help Bob cope with his task, become rich together with him, and feel drive from danger near there. And it`s now even hard to play: arrow keys of WASD to move, up arrow or W to act (find closet, or money in closet), spacebar hit, ZXC-use gadgets. You are gonna like it.

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